Warehouse, Logistics and Customs Clearance Services (2.2)

Provide logistics and transportation solutions, including sea, air, and land transport, and offer logistics and transportation services


  • We analyze your needs: We communicate with you to understand your requirements for goods transportation, such as delivery time, transportation costs, and cargo characteristics. Based on this information, we recommend the most suitable logistics and transportation solutions for you.


  • l We offer various transportation methods: According to your needs and cargo characteristics, we provide various transportation options, such as sea, air, land, and rail transport. By considering the advantages and disadvantages of each method, we customize the best transportation plan for you.


  • We have a wide range of partners: We establish cooperative relationships with experienced and high-quality logistics companies and transportation service providers. We evaluate partners based on their transportation capabilities, timeliness, and cost-effectiveness, ensuring you receive top-notch logistics and transportation services.


  • We assist in cargo tracking and monitoring: We provide real-time cargo tracking information to ensure you have a full understanding of the status and location of your goods. During transportation, we closely monitor potential issues, communicate with you promptly, and ensure problems are resolved in a timely manner.