Warehouse, Logistics and Customs Clearance Services (2.1)

Help you integrate goods from different suppliers, deliver them to warehouse, package them together, store them in a single warehouse, export and declare customs


  • We help you coordinate the supply chain: We maintain close contact with various suppliers, coordinating their production and delivery schedules to ensure that goods arrive at the designated warehouse according to your requirements.


  • We provide professional logistics management: We choose experienced and reputable logistics companies to transport goods from different suppliers to the designated warehouse. By optimizing transportation solutions, we reduce logistics costs and transit time.


  • Our team handles centralized warehousing and packaging: We store and sort goods from different suppliers at the designated warehouse. We classify, label, and package goods for quick and accurate warehouse storage, export, and customs clearance operations.


  • We are familiar with export and customs clearance processes: We understand relevant laws and procedures for export and customs clearance, ensuring your goods pass customs inspections smoothly. We provide the necessary documents and materials for customs clearance, making it easy for you to complete the procedures.