Financial Services

Providing payment and settlement support, including receiving payments, making payments on your behalf, and safeguarding your money


  • We offer various cross-border payment solutions: We provide multiple cross-border payment methods, such as wire transfers, letters of credit, PayPal, and localized payment options like using Mexican pesos for local payments. By combining your needs and target market characteristics, we recommend the most suitable payment method to ensure smooth and secure transfers.


  • We provide payment guarantee services: We offer third-party guarantee services to ensure the safety of your payments. After both parties reach an agreement, we temporarily hold the payment in an escrow account until the supplier fulfills the contract as agreed. Then, we release the payment to the supplier, reducing transaction risks.


  • We provide payment services on your behalf: We pay suppliers on your behalf, saving you time and effort. With your authorization, we assist you in paying suppliers according to your payment plan, ensuring smooth transactions.


  • We provide payment supervision and reporting: We strictly monitor your payments to ensure their safety. We regularly provide you with payment income and expense reports, giving you a comprehensive understanding of your payment usage.