Goods Procurement Services (1.4)

Help you design products, develop molds, and create new products


  • We conduct extensive market analysis: We carry out in-depth market analysis to understand the needs, competitive landscape, and potential opportunities of the target market. Based on market research results, we provide you with targeted product design suggestions and innovative directions.


  • We collaborate with professional design teams: Working with top-notch designers and engineers, we offer professional product design, mold development, and new product development services. Through interdisciplinary team collaboration, we ensure the innovation and practicality of design solutions.


  • We provide prototype creation and testing: We create product prototypes for you and conduct rigorous testing and validation to ensure that new products meet your requirements in design, functionality, and performance. Throughout the testing process, we continuously optimize design solutions based on feedback until your needs are met.


  • We have extensive experience in mold design and manufacturing: After the product design is completed, we design molds and cooperate with experienced mold manufacturers to ensure the quality and precision of the molds. We closely monitor the progress of mold manufacturing to ensure timely delivery and satisfaction of quality requirements.